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Representative's greetings

As a leading company in the pet industry.

Pet is an irreplaceable partner who gives peace of mind to people and sometimes encourages them.

"Respond to life, irreplaceable" is Petio's brand slogan, it is also the origin of Petio. In the pet industry that was born after the war and has a history of about 50 years, Petio has repeatedly innovated in accordance with changes in the environment surrounding pet owners and pet owners. We have offered new pleasure to our customers by proposing lifestyles that live with pets according to product quality and quality such as supplies and hoods that exceed customer's imagination.

Now that I started a new business as Petio Inc. in 2016, I feel the importance of "customer base point" again.
Pleasures of a family member rejoice, the joy and pleasure of the family is amplified, and the smile of the family glows even more. Petio will continue to think about it from the customer's point of view, strive to develop better products and services, and continue to propose environments where pets and people can live happily. We will not forget the starting point of suggesting lifestyles living with pets from the "customer base point" and will continue to "realize a symbiotic society of pets and people".

Petio Corporation President and Representative Director
Takeshi Yamada